About Us

“Caring for your skin in all it’s diversity”


Our Story

Beauty didn’t arise in Greece. And it has little to do with gods. As people often believe. It didn’t spring from the waters of the Nile either, 

As a gift from nature. And a symbol of adoration of Nefertiti´s perfect face. 

Beauty is not a present wrapped in brown skin, With green eyes or a symmetrical face. Beauty originates every morning when you wake up, When you look in the mirror and accept your face, your body, and your soul.

At Colourderm™ (formerly emeilleurq skincare) we believe that the concept of Beauty is personal and universally accessible. It begins with acceptance of oneself, embracing the whole of oneself and daring to care for the me that we all are. The beauty industry has a tendency to propagate ‘looks’, fads and myths, based on emphasising insecurities and deficiencies.


We are different. Our focus is on Care, beginning with oneself, because to quote Rupaul “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. Our brand was founded in June 2020 as an inclusive natural, non-toxic, cosmetic UK based skincare and lifestyle brand built on the core belief that we all have the power to make a positive difference with our choices.


At Colourderm™ we aim to improve everyone’s ability to care for their own skin. Our products are effective across the diversity of human skin tones and we seek to provide high quality information and education to people which will enable them to make effective choices.

Formulas and Compliance

Our product development and testing always starts with extensive research. Before we decide on what formula to make into a final product, we research on ingredients and packaging that supports our goals and environmental pledge.

It’s also very important to us that we use as much active ingredient as is safely possible to support the efficacy in our final products. This process is always guided by a team of expert formulators and backed by science. For example, our Hydrating Facial Essence contains 3% hyaluronic acid to maximise the benefits to the customer in efficacy and cost.

One of the final processes to making a final product is abiding by UK regulations. We work with top rated safety assessors who approve our products so we can legally sell them. We also conduct a Microbial Challenge Test and a Preservative Efficacy Test, both part of our process.

Who We Make Products For

Skin that’s hormonal has a higher tendency to be susceptible to inflammation, which can result in hyperpigmentation. Our products are made from active ingredients that are scientifically proven to clarify, even out, nourish and heal. The percentages of actives we use in our formulas are potent enough to make a difference in all skin tones without stripping the skin of your essential lipid barrier.