Simply put, facial cleansers are formulated to clean our skin. Cleansers are products we use to remove normal accumulation of dirt and oils, makeup, sunscreen, remains of pollution, and dead skin cells. They aid in unclogging pores and exfoliation of the top skin cells. Their main role is to clean our skin without stripping the top layer.

Facial cleansers come in different forms, and it’s helpful to choose the one that best works for your skin type and your lifestyle. Cleanser can be anything from “micellar waters, foaming gels, creams, balms, oils to wipes”

  • deep pore cleansing gel with salicylic acid and hydrating glycerin

    What It Is

    Refreshing triple-action wash gel with added fruit acids for a radiant, smooth skin without dullness. Combines a deep cleansing effect with the dissolving of dead skin cells. This washing gel has a soft foaming effect and contains no sulphates, parabens or PEG. Ideal for the skin with hyper-pigmentation, but also to give a dull skin a real boost. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

    Vegan, Natural and Cruelty Free

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    non- comedogenic cleansing oil that removes excess sebum and leaves skin radiant

    What It Is

    A beautiful, light blend of oils featuring burdock root oil for deep cleansing or removing make-up. Powered by natural plant based oils, this soothing, gentle oil cleanser melts away stubborn make-up to reveal clearer, fresh skin. Suitable for all skin types.

    Vegan, Organic Oils and Cruelty Free

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