Chemical exfoliants are acids that react with the skin, removing built-up layers of dead cells and excess oil that can cause dull skin and blemishes.

The results of chemical exfoliation are generally more uniform versus physical. Though physical exfoliators do remove dead skin, it’s like taking sandpaper to a wood surface — if you look closely, you can see scratches. That’s why we recommend chemical exfoliators if you want to prevent/ heal hyperpigmentation.

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    resurfacing and brightening exfoliate with mandelic and salicylic acid

    What It Is

    Now even in a bigger size for the same price! This powerful anti-breakout and hyperpigmentation, at-home solution promotes a healthy environment for clear skin. Salicylic acid brings clarity to problematic, oily and congested skin types. It helps to shed dead surface skin and dissolves sebum & impurities to decongest pores. Mandelic acid is a chemical exfoliant, meaning it removes layers of debris through a reaction with the skin (rather than exfoliating via abrasive scrubs).  Increased cell turnover and exfoliating properties means the acid reduces the look of dark marks and sun damage. When blemishes act up, this safe solution reduces the appearance of prominent pores and trouble spots. It calms redness and irritation, giving the skin a smooth, healthy appearance.

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